The coronavirus pandemic is having enormous effects across the broadcast industry. Although Small Screen: Big Debate, our assessment of the future of public service media, continues to be a priority for Ofcom, like many organisations across the country, we are making changes to our approach to take account of the current unprecedented circumstances.

We understand broadcasters are currently focused on making sure they can continue to operate, support their employees and keep the public informed and entertained. So, we’re reviewing our plan of external engagement and will look for different ways to have a national conversation about public service broadcasting (PSB) when it is appropriate to do so.

Our timings for this review will change. At the moment, we’re reviewing our work plan and will update this website once the situation becomes a bit clearer. As much as we can, we will continue this national conversation in a different way and will look to make research and information to inform the debate about the role of PSB available as soon as possible.

Broadcasters and the wider industry have demonstrated their ability to innovate, collaborate and adapt to continue to deliver high-quality services to audiences across the UK during this exceptional period. Details on how the Public Service Broadcasters have responded to this crisis can be found on their respective websites. We expect all broadcasters to continue to make every reasonable effort to deliver the best possible service to all audiences and to fulfil the terms of their licence, including formatting/production requirements and the commitments that underpin the type of content broadcast.

We are providing regular guidance to all broadcasters on our approach to regulation, where it is affected by the coronavirus. We have also asked broadcasters to keep us updated on their plans and any measures they have taken as a result of the coronavirus, to ensure that we continue to support their recovery from its impact.

In the meantime, please do still get in touch with us to tell us what you think will be important for PSB in the future.

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